It is a known fact that everyone wants to shine in Hollywood-the shine, the glamour all appears to be something that one always dreams for. However, behind the screen, there is some harsh reality that is not any entertainment at all. Hollywood doesn’t want to show its negative side to the world and always want people to see it as a place of magic where the dreams of people come true. Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio? Bob Simonds.

Secrets Of Hollywood That No One Knows

There is always a big money factor when there is a release in a Hollywood movie and now the studios are pushing themselves to their ultimate limit along with their actors. During this many harsh truths are there which are hidden from the world. Here are few secrets of Hollywood that industry doesn’t want you to know.

  1. Lots And Lots Of Animal Cruelty

Abusing of animals in the history of Hollywood has continued till 2011. Gina Johnson, who is the monitor of the American Humane Association had to face moments of shame when an email regarding the Bengal Tiger was leaked in the movie Life of Pi of Ang Lee. In the email, Johnson had written to one of his colleague that King almost got drowned and lost while shooting a scene.

  1. The Production Of The Budget Is Included With Illegal Budget

 It won’t actually be news in the industry if any actor or actress is found high on drugs; it is just a normal thing in their case. The only one who will get surprised is the public. A source of Fox News stated that it is easy for any celebrity to get an A class drug.

  1. The Celebrities Might Cheat While They Are Shooting

It is obvious that an actor spends a lot of time on the set, so their only interaction is either with the crew or the co-star. So there are maximum chances that they might get attached to other and might cheat on their partner.

  1. Starvation Of Actresses Before Star Award Shows

Actresses in the industry starve for days before an award show in order to remain in shape or get a perfect figure. This is because during the award show the actresses are well aware that their figure is going to be scrutinized by the world press.

  1. Calls For Casting Might Be A Danger For Actresses

It is something that every girl is scared of when she tries her luck in the industry. Sometimes, the actresses are sexually assaulted or sometimes they are asked to finish the casting meeting in a bedroom.

  1. Even The A-List Star Have A Past Which Is Related To Crime

Some Stars would do whatever they can to be in the stage’s centre and people to notice them. Stars like Marilyn Monroe did a nude photoshoot whereas the famous Sylvester Stallone did an adult movie, Italian Stallone.

  1. Few Of Them Are Even Related To The Adult Industry

Now, that’s a real shocker, isn’t it? Some of the actors who play good-goody roles in movies, also have a history in the adult industry. We bet this is something that you didn’t know. Stars like Cameron Diaz and Marilyn Monroe can be included in the list.

So, you see people? Hollywood isn’t always all good. It also has some dark secrets that no one knows. Do I hear the sound of your heart breaking? Well, brace yourself because this is just a few facts and there are more that are probably hidden.