So you are looking for quality Instagram followers?  No one wants to load their profile with followers that look fake. You have to make it look popular and authentic, not spam and scam, which may happen if you purchase cheap followers. Along with adding bad look, cleaning low quality followers manually is also a huge hurdle. The process is really very tedious if you have up to 10000 followers that are good for nothing. It takes really a long time to clean your profile up. So, it would be better to start a new profile.

You have to ensure that the followers you are going to buy are of top quality. The only way to look popular is to have followers that don’t give any sign of being fake or bought. Here’s what to consider when it comes to buy quality followers –

Buying Instagram Likes

Profile Bio

Your profile looks even more real with a profile bio. Be sure to find the users who won’t just write the bio, but there are a few of them. In order to get genuine followers, be sure to add a bio on each of your followers.

Profile Image

If you have real account, it is sure that it can have profile image. A lot of inferior quality providers use only random images which are scraped from the web and most of them don’t even represent you, even if they have to add profile picture.  Some of them even add followers without profile pictures to your account and it looks totally fake. When thousands of these followers are added, your profile is likely to lose its credibility. Every follower you get will have realistic image.


As discussed earlier, it is important to keep following ratio real. There is no need to follow 500,000 people with account and it has just 100 accounts to follow back. It is important to ensure that all the followers you purchase look real and don’t set off any red flags.


When it comes to buy quality followers on Instagram, you need to expect accounts to all the followers. If an account follows thousands of profiles but doesn’t have followers on its own, it may look absolutely fake. So, it is vital to have realistic ratio of following and followers, to make it appear as natural as possible.

Profile Name

If you really like to do some sort of digging, you will find a lot of fake followers on Instagram with some weird profile names. Several cheap service providers use spinning software along with random words to make profile names. You may find fake followers with name alone on some profiles. Be sure to buy followers with normal names to keep anyone from assuming that you have bought fake followers.

Content Posted

Would someone like to follow thousands of users without posting their content? There are a lot of accounts like this which are used by providers which avoid quality. It is vital to have followers you buy with posts of their own.