4 Best Online Marketing Tips


If you want to increase your effectiveness with your customers, you have to know how to market. Sadly, many businesses like to think of their own interest before they think of their customer.

This is bad. Why?

If we ignore what your customers need and want, they will ignore our business. There are several powerful tools that can get you flourishing in the business arena.

Online Marketing Tips

  1. Customers are the Boss

This was summarized by Sam Walton out of his experience becoming a billionaire with Walmart. Customers are the boss. Most organizations are designed with the management and executives as the boss.

They get the golden cigar while the customers and the employees have to wait for them. This is unacceptable. If you want to increase the size of your company, the customer has to take first place.

Identifying what your customer wants will determine the fate of your business. Your brand will only become popular if you are serving your customers.

  1. Marketing Universals Are The Key To Success

Knowing and applying the marketing universals can make all the difference between a company that fails and a company that succeeds. Marketing universals are the things that most people like to see and have in their life.

They include things like protection, security, money, relationships, pleasure, knowledge, and popularity. Companies that give their customers danger, pain, high prices, enemies, suffering, ignorance, and unpopularity are not going to be as effective as those who sell the marketing universals.

  1. Success Does Not Happen Alone

Steve Jobs emphasized how team effort was important in making Apple a giant company. Learning from others who have come before us is very important. If we ignore their input in our marketing strategies, the mistakes will come back to hurt us.

There are lots of different things that can go wrong. It is best not to face it alone. Many people lose out because they do not understand the importance of working with other people. If you are not naturally someone who likes to work with other people, enlist others who like it more to assist you.

  1. Connect With The Existing Giant Websites

It is hard to stand out from the crowd if you are not standing on a tall platform. Find the most popular websites and get your brand all over them. Get pages on Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

This will help your brand be more popular. Increasing internet domain search popularity is almost impossible if you are not getting help from the existing masters of the market.


Online marketing is much simpler when we learn from the people who are already experts of the SEO game. Great brands like Apple, Google, and Wikipedia do not happen overnight. They happen over time as clever business people apply longstanding tools to capture crowd viewership to their sites. Expect there to be some push back when those around you are seeing your success. Keep moving forward. Do not listen to those who are encouraging you to stay the same.