Get More Spotify Plays On Your Tracks


There are a ton of different reasons why artist need to get more Spotify plays on their tracks. But aside from becoming more popular and having their music heard by more people, one of the greatest things about owning music on Spotify is that you get paid every single time someone listens to your music. Granted this creates a financial incentive for artists and musicians to get more people listening to their music, as it should be, but there are many artists who struggle to get even a thousand plays each month.


But before we start discussing how to get more plays on Spotify, let’s take a closer look on how artists are compensated by Spotify. The artist or right’s owner is paid a royalty for each Spotify play. If someone clicks a song and listens to only the first few seconds it does not count as play. According to Spotify, listeners must play at least 30 seconds of a track to be eligible for a royalty. Even though it may be difficult to see the total number of plays on a track since Spotify does not show this information, they do track everything and share all this info on the earnings report.

Getting people to give your music a chance can be difficult. Here are some of my suggestions for getting more people to listen and play your music on Spotify:

#1 – Social Media

Put some really attractive social media profiles and fan pages together. There are a ton of free tools available for graphics, so if you are on a tight budget and can’t hire a graphics designer don’t be afraid to try and take on some of this work yourself. That being said, social media is absolutely amazing for connecting with your fans and sharing your music with new people. There are obviously a ton of different networks to choose from so take your pick!

#2 – Reach Out To Fans


Don’t be afraid to ask your fans for help! Encourage people who love your music to go out there and share it with their friends. Viral sharing is another reason why connecting and engaging your fans on social media is so important for getting more people to play to your music on Spotify.

Finding new methods for getting more listeners and plays on Spotify is tough, trust me I know. But when you reach out and have other people share your music it becomes much easier. Especially since all people need to do is share a link to your song on Spotify.

#3 – An Old-fashion Approach

Most people today forget about the radio entirely. Getting a local station to play one of your tracks could be a great way to get things going. The PR doesn’t hurt, especially if the DJ mentions your music is available through Spotify.

#4 – Buy Spotify Plays

Buying Spotify plays is one of the best ways to make your music more popular. Buying plays does sounds a little counterintuitive, but hear me out. Mass Media is the service I use to buy Spotify plays and I’ve been really impressed with the results they have been able to deliver. They get real people to listen to my music and most of the listeners are from the US. Since the plays are real I even earn royalties on all the plays Mass Media adds to my tracks. Not only is this service making my songs more popular, but it pays for itself which is the whole reason why I buy Spotify plays and recommend this option.

Those are my four strategies for attracting additional listeners to get more Spotify plays. I hope these strategies help and best of luck to you all.