How Public Relations Agency Works?


For every business owner is essential to have an experienced Public Relations agency by his/her side. PR agency’s job is to use and combine earned, shared, owned and paid media which are all about the business subject. PR is effective when it takes into consideration both the needs of the buyer and the media.

Some people think that they can represent their company in the best way and believe that they know which is the proper way to envolve and present themselves. Part of this claim is true, apropos knowing all of this, but doing the job in real life can be very tricky to a newbie. That’s why so many companies rather hire professional PR agencies.

Public Relations Agency Works

Definition of PR

PR agencies are not just simple marketing. They make sure that both potential buyers and media have the necessary information about the product or service and are building the companys image and reputation. They are doing market research, event creation, and promotion, crisis management, product launches, online reputation management, personal networking, writing speeches…

A good PR would know how to make a product or service from ignorable to necessary. Every upcoming innovation is unknown and on many occasions misunderstood by the public. Therefor, with smart promoting, best features highlighting, and social network sharing, it can be masterfully promoted and launched to the market.

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Definition of PR


Public relations are basically about building relationships. The goal is to earn the trust of the targeted audience which relates to the company’s service or product and their expertise. It’s very hard to build credibility, but can be accomplished, as mentioned, through earned,  shared, owned, paid media, and in the best scenario through all of them. The first one is a written article or other media outlet from a third source, which means that this media recognized the potential or quality of the PRs work subject and reworded it with praising.

This honor, coming from a third party, can be mentioned in our own media and also shared through social network by employees, and that’s how this few types of media are getting integrated and enhanced by each other.  Hence, we can be promoted by sharing on social media, or even through paid and owned media, which can be for example our website or blog. It is also important to know the difference between public relations and media relations. Click here to read more.

Important Facts

An important thing is timing. No matter how good is the prepared presentation if there is some major happening as a natural catastrophe or maybe some kind of elections, big chances are that our work can go down the drain and the product won’t get the expected attention and business launch. It’s better to wait and postpone everything until the time is right so that we don’t lose the invested money.

A fact sheet and statistics are very important and useful. Its always better to have research graphics than just words. Next to this, when it comes to online articles and blogs, attention should be paid on stimulating visuals images videos, because images always stick better in our memory and make a bigger impact.

Measuring PR

As strange as it may sound, in truth, PR can be measured. Before the computer era, there was no way to check how many readers saw our promotion and were they the targeted public. With new inventions comes new possibilities, so nowadays traffic to your website can be measured and everything connected to your business. To really find out if the results of the PR campaign are successful enough, the company shouldn’t do anything else out of the normal functioning during your a campaign period that might cloud the results.

When the traffic is growing, it means that the PR agency did a good job and could continue in the future on the same path. To make a great PR campaign, its crucial to include the best timing, visual aids, and social media engagement. Another help could be influencers which can significantly raise our levels and contribute to a fastly reaching goals. In the end, with the measuring tools, we can see if our investment in Public Relation agency will pay off. By using multiple channels and sources, brand promotion can be advanced and secure boosting credibility.