How to Increase Conversion Rate E-commerce


In the past couple of years, e-commerce has really evolved from becoming a mere luxury for some “internet savvy” people to becoming a necessity for almost anybody connected to the internet. Also, the rise of mobile phones has just added to your e-commerce juggernaut. Now, there’re online stores for every imaginable thing. And all these types of stores are vying for a similar set of clients.

It, therefore, becomes essential to know what to with the those who visit your store instead of obsessing just about bringing more people to the store. It’s not only about how much traffic you have (SEM, SEO) its the number of sales you could generate off the traffic you’re obtaining (Conversion Rate Optimization). Now, the main goal of an e-commerce business is just sales, not even increased traffic.

Increase Conversion Rate E-commerce

Therefore how to increase the conversion rate of your store. Generally, optimize each single client interaction on your site to maximize conversion.

However, to be more specific below are five parts of your store which you can optimize.

1. Optimize Your Store Homepage

The store home-page is the essential page of your shop as well as the most effective weapon to explore and help you convert your visitors into customers. The way you design and structure the home page produces the first (and often) the final impression. Therefore, aside from aesthetic design, try to showcase the bestselling product on your home page. You can personalize your home page depending on the browsing history of your visitors as well as past purchases to display highly relevant items to them.

2. Navigation Structure Optimization

Producing an intuitive as well as user experience targeted navigation structure for categories of product is perhaps the vital step in conversion rate optimization of e-commerce. Structure the navigation in such a manner that it makes it very easy for your clients to find their preferred stuff.

3. Optimize Your Search Functionality

Search also contributes a lot to the experience of a user of an e-commerce site. The aim of a great search functionality of an e-commerce is not only to give proper search results but decrease as much human ability as possible and also make the search as quick and simple as possible. Test the search results for some accuracy. Offer auto-search functionality in which users get product and category suggestions as they just type in your search box, build the search functionality for it to include plurals and misspellings by default

4. Optimize Your Checkout Process

Now, checkout is your last mile hurdle which every e-commerce website has to overcome to succeed. If you do everything right and make the customers add some product to cart, you ‘ll still end up with an abandoned cart if your checkout process isn’t hassled free and smooth. Ensure you guide the customer via the process with the proper information associated with shipping address, contact information, payment methods, billing address, and so on at the right place.

Bringing clients to your store and hoping for revenue to drastically increase does not occur. When you do a promotional activity you’re making a promise to the customers and by the time they visit your store, you have to fulfill the promise the best possible way. Anything that does not enhance the confidence of the customer will hamper your chances of having a sale from the customer. With your conversion optimization, you really maximize your chances to make the sale happen.