Online writing jobs a plenty


Online writing jobs seem to be brimming on the internet? But is this true? How often have you wished for that online writing job where you can use your versatile writing skills and can pen down any type of articles and web content from the comfort of your home? How many times have you searched for the best paying content writing jobs and ended up not getting paid? How often do we wish for a job platform from where you can source quality content jobs?

There is money to be made online as a freelance writer. Every day companies are looking for someone to write for them – full time, part time or one-off projects.

Online writing jobs

I want to work from home – where can I find online writing jobs?

Welcome to a Contentmart, a virtual content marketplace where you can find the finest online writing jobs.

What kinds of work can I do?

 A content writing service where you will find many a jobs – be it SEO content developers, copywriting, article writing, blog writing, web content writers, academic writers, or technical writers.

But how do I start on Contentmart?

As a writer on Contentmart you will have to be verified. For that you will have to first register and pass a few online tests. After that you can bid for jobs and come up with unique content that exactly matches your client’s requirement.

Easy process

The whole process of Contentmart starting from registering, to sending the proposal, to bidding, to crediting the amount is streamlined and transparent.

A huge database of online writing jobs

Contentmart’s platform delivers seamless access to a huge database of online writing jobs. Where else would you want to go in search of online jobs when you can get it here? Most of the writing jobs online pay very less making online job writing from home not feasible.

Not anymore!! Log onto Contentmart and there is no shortage of content requirement here. With more than 5000 writers who have signed up with Contentmart under various language and subject expert heads, it makes sourcing and managing content easier than ever.

If you want to work from home, online writing is still one of the best options. Starting up your own freelancing business through Contentmart can give you a steady income and allow you to work from home writing about things you love.

Today content has come to acquire the most important place in the online marketing. However there is a general lack of writers who can create original and at the same time meaningful and user friendly content. As content and inbound marketing continue to dominate the marketing landscape, the demand for great freelance writers only increases. If you enjoy writing and you want a job where you can work from home, log onto