SEO: It Is Not Just About The Keywords


People see SEO and they think only one thing: keywords. We all remember a time when it was a race to who could cram in the most number of keywords in their web content and still make it read natural. While that might have been the case in the past, thanks to the highly-sophisticated algorithms used by modern internet search engines, search engine optimisation is no longer the simple task it used to be. All hope is not lost though; there remain a number of different techniques that you can use to further optimise your website without interfering with the content. In this article, we will take a look at how you can achieve search engine optimisation without resorting to keywords.


High quality content

In all the rush to optimise for search engines and complicated social media marketing strategies, we often forget to dedicate enough time to the foundation of any successful website: it’s content. High quality content is the real meat of the matter here and without it no amount of SEO or other marketing strategies will be of any use. Dedicate time and resources to creating good quality content should be your primary agenda or should be outsourced to professional experts like SEO Shark.


Inbound links to your website, also called backlinks, are one of the most important factors that most search engines use to determine your ranking on the search results page. This method was first pioneered by the PageRank algorithm used by Google in a time when most search engines like and Yahoo used to list results alphabetically. Backlinks are pretty intuitive: the greater number of links to your page from external sources, the higher the probability of your webpage having good quality and relevant content. You can find out more about how to optimise your website using this method in the article about backlinks we published previously.

Multiple Languages

Something that most websites miss is that English is not the only language in use on the internet. Most internet search engines have a language setting that allows users to see results only in the language of their choice; this means that a Spanish speaker using Google, say, in Spanish will not see a link to your English language website, no matter how relevant your content might be to the search query. This way, you miss out a whole demographic of prospective viewers. You can correct this by either offering your website in multiple languages or by including keywords from other languages in your optimisation strategy for more Best CVV Shop.

Partner up

It is not always a competition. You can partner with similar websites and collaborate together to offer good and interesting content to your viewers. Not only will this create backlinks but it will also allow you to get noticed by people who are associated with your competitors. Increasing your visibility to the people in your target demographic is definitely a no brainer and will certainly boost your traffic.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your rankings with search engines that do not involve keywords. Use these tips to begin and slowly move forward with loftier goals.