The best gadgets for bloggers on the go


It is fair to say that the best gadgets for bloggers on the go are still things like a decent netbook laptop or tablet. Add in some decent internet connection such as the latest, greatest 4G network and you have everything you need to be a blogger on the go. Right? Wrong! There are plenty of gadgets that can help on-the-move bloggers get the most out of their hobby, passion or even job.

Here are some things you may never have thought could help you become a better blogger. Starting the day – The right way! The most important thing for bloggers on the go is to consider how they start their day. A roll out of bed, down the stairs and under a blanket on the sofa is not going to lead to the next journalism prize for anybody.

gadgets for bloggers

Those who are constantly on the go will find that they already have an advantage, as fresh air is the World’s best (free) way of keeping upbeat and becoming productive. There are several gadgets which can help you start your day the right way, none of which need Wi-Fi or a plethora of USB cables. Yes, I’m talking about a good old-fashioned toaster and coffee machine.

The truth of the matter is that unless you have a good breakfast (and some caffeine, if needs be) then you are not going to make it too far beyond midday. Keeping your brain energized does not mean feeding it a hundred black coffees and an apple, it means a good breakfast and perhaps a dash of tea or coffee on the side.

You may be thinking that neither of these things are really a gadget to help bloggers and you’re almost right. They can help you with any type of work that you do. A good breakfast is how to start the day, the right way. Whistle while you work what is better than being able to work whilst listening to your favorite music or radio station? Not a lot really, unless you didn’t have to work full stop.

Investing in a way of listening to your music louder and clearer is going to boost your productivity and keep you a lot happier. If you work with other people or going to be on trains, planes and buses all the time, then perhaps a pair of headphones will be the best option for you.

Those who get a bit more privacy in their working day will love the idea of a speaker dock, so that the Bubble classics can be blasted out whilst blogging. It is a fact that listening to music can really help you achieve more goals in life, whether that be to have a world-class blog or just to make it through the working day without suffering a crisis.

As Anonymous once said “music makes the world go round”. These gadgets may be completely unexpected; in fact you may just be scratching your head right now. The thing is, there are plenty of things that can help you become a better blogger on the go, it is not just the latest and greatest piece of technology, 4G network or an app that tells you how amazing your blogs are (although motivational apps ARE great).

There are so many unsung heroes that without which, your life as a blogger would be a lot less achievable. Leon Parsons is an online maverick who always likes to have his ear to the ground and to think outside of the box. He is a huge gadget fan but appreciates the most humble of our everyday gadgets have just enough precedence as those hi-tech ones we’re all staring and poking at these days!