Trading the Coolant for Mist


Minimal quantity lubricant systems are gaining in popularity throughout the metalworking industry. Once the initial work of changing out the equipment is done, the MQL method has the ability to save your company a lot of money. Below are a few of the reasons you should consider making the switch.

Trading the Coolant for Mist

Upgrade Equipment for Minimum Quantity Lubricant System

The toughest part of switching over to an MQL misting system is fitting current equipment, or changing out equipment to use the new process. This can be a high initial expense, but it will pay off quickly by the savings realized of fewer chemical purchases and zero haul-away fees for old used up coolant. Minimum quantity lubricant cooling systems are a more sensible approach to reducing wear-and-tear, heat, and employee downtime.

Fewer Chemicals to Order

You will not have to order mass quantities of lubricant when switching from standard coolant to the MQL lubrication system. This will ease the attack on your company budget right off the bat. It will provide more room to store raw materials or finished products.

Little to No Cleanup Required

The dramatic drop in fluids needed to keep your equipment running cool and effectively means there is little to no cleanup required. The occasional spritz of mist is completely unlike the nearly constant flow of coolant fluids used in more traditional lubrication systems. All of your equipment and work areas will stay in good shape with very little effort.

Safer Organic Products

Using an environmentally friendly line of products to lubricate your metalworking equipment is a decision that you will glad you made from day one. The chemicals are safe, easy to use, and treat your equipment well. An MQL lubrication system is one of the most innovative changes to hit the industry in years.

No More Chemical Haul Off

Whether the used coolant chemicals lurking in your storage areas are hazardous, or not, they have to be hauled off at some point and disposed of properly. Hazardous materials haulers charge high dollars to get this chore done for you. MQL lubrication frees you from this necessary chore.

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