Use Of Seo As A Source Of Lead Generation


A lead in marketing, is a potential contact or consumer who shows an interest in your product or services when they are given information about them. While lead generation is the activity of attracting and transforming strangers and possible consumers into leads.

When you own a business or start a new one, you always need more clients and customers to increase the sales of your products and services. You can get more and more clients if you do a good publicity and marketing of your business and reach more people. This means that you require leads and you can get the services of the marketing department in your business. But if you do not have a marketing department, you can contact marketing agencies or firms that would generate leads for you.

Use Of Seo As A Source Of Lead Generation

These marketing people generate leads through many different ways and pass them on to the sales people who then have the responsibility of convincing them about the necessity and efficacy of the products or services and persuading them into becoming a customer.

Leads can be generated through many sources, some of which are blog posts, direct mailing, coupons, trade shows, live events, advertisements and online content. Marketing agencies use these sources and many others also to generate leads. Their other sources include referrals, guest blogging, public relations, paid online marketing, social media, webinars, cold calling, conferences, speaking at events and websites.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is different from lead generation but it can be used to generate leads. As SEO is a part of digital marketing, it is an essential component of marketing strategies and can form the foundation of lead generation. SEO is necessary throughout the sales funnel at all times while lead generation is required at the end of that funnel and hence people who are using SEO and have become successful through it, would be able to generate more and higher quality leads because of their recognition and trustworthiness established through SEO. Moreover, the content of SEO would be useful for SEO lead generation and for strategies like re-targeting etc.

This means that first you have to use SEO services to make your brand, product and services recognizable and build trust. Then you can pay attention to lead generation. But you have to consider a few things while focusing on; lead generation and these things include your business goals either short or long term, the budget you have for marketing and your competitors in the industry.

There are some tactics that you need to use to generate leads through SEO. These are as follows:

  1. If you are a local business, market yourself through online directories. They rank good in search engines and many people are brought to them when they search for anything. Specify the location of your business through the use of keywords but don’t use too much of them.
  2. Improve the speed of your website by selecting a reliable web host, being responsive, optimizing your images and removing unnecessary baggage from your website.
  3. Being more active on social media increases the likelihood of the appearance of your business on search engines.
  4. The most important strategy is to enhance your home page and its content. You can do this by using the right and long tailed keywords and taking the leads from your competitor sites through spying on them.