Website Promotion through Back linking – Website Promotion Ideas


Webmaster adopts different techniques to promote their websites. One of the commonly used ways is article submission in different high page rank articles directories. The article describes article submission techniques and its benefits. Most of the webmasters write articles for backlink purpose. Search Engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING gives worth to the web sites having more back links.

Website Promotion

In other words, your backlink on  another website serve as the vote for your website to search engines and search engines give more importance to websites who have the larger number of backlinks. Writing articles for articles directories like is backlink building technique but it is observed that webmasters do some serious mistakes in articles submission penalized the search engines and lost their worth in the eyes of search engines. Some of the common mistakes in article submission and their solutions are discussed below:

  1. To create a bulk of back link most writers submit the same article on multiple websites which is not a good idea because of two reasons. First reason is the duplication of the content which not only hurts the article directory but also loses its significance. The best practice is that write one article for one article directory. Second reason is that backlink appeared in bulk may damage even your current value instead of gaining something.
  2. Many webmasters publish the article first on their own website and then also submit it to the article directory which is also a bad technique because it also reduces the worth of the article and comes under duplicate content. Such technique should be avoided.
  3. Some writers to write more and more articles on different topics use article spinner (article re-writing software). Such software mostly creates the grammatical mistakes and replaces the keywords. The website may fail to come on the top of the search query on a specific keyword. Avoid articles spinners and other software for this purpose and use your keywords or anchor words carefully.
  4. Last but not least, do not use the same anchor text for your website; try different related keywords to get better results. If you want to be the master of article writer adopt the following points.
  5. Make an outline of your article before writing the article.
  6. Carefully read the article after writing and check your spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  7. If you are giving a tip, try to write in points.
  8. Use simple words for writing articles.