Will OnePlus Three Change SmartPhone Market


OnePlus phones have always transformed the smartphone market; their first release created a hope in people’s mind of cheap and powerful smartphones. The Oneplus Three is expected to have over 4 Gbs of RAM, which is not very uncommon these days but how that memory is utilized is the main thing. Even 32 GBs of ram can be useless if it is not used correctly and that’s where OnePlus excels. What the level of optimization Oneplus does to its phones is immersive and totally mind blowing.

The phone will release on 14th this month; it has been officially released.

It’s just so hard to wait for more time as we have been waiting for this for a so long time but finally, it’s very near.

The specs of the phone have not been confirmed, as we can’t totally depend on the leaked information because more of the time it’s fake. We will get to know about the specs in the release event.

Smart phone market

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One plus 3 already launched their Oneplus VR headsets which are supposed to be mainly focused toward Oneplus 3, but they also work with other smartphones. You can get these headsets at a very cheap price, <a href=”oneplusthree3.com/loop-oneplus-3-vr-launch” alt=”One plus 3 VR : The Loop”><strong>CLICK HERE TO READ – HOW TO GET YOUR ONEPLUS 3 VR HEADSET FOR ONLY Rs1.<strong></a>

Smartphone gaming has not yet evolved much, VR headsets like Google cardboard have been there in the market for a long time, but they just don’t seem to work very well. The user has to spend most of the time adjusting the headset and due to it’s the bad quality of lenses, it also cause a headache.

With the introduction of Oneplus’s VR Loop, we can expect, the next-gen smartphone gaming to be coming soon. The headset combined with the Oneplus 3’s very powerful configuration, it will be capable of giving a full VR experience in 60 fps.